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Manitoba PNP Immigration

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You are eligible to apply as a priority applicant if you meet one of options A, B, C or D.

A. You are currently working in Manitoba as a temporary foreign worker with a valid temporary work permit and have been working for at least six months.

B. As an International Student you graduated from a publicly funded Manitoba post-secondary institution in at least a one-year program for which you received a certificate, diploma or degree, you have an offer of a long-term, full-time job from a Manitoba employer and have been working in that job at least six months with a valid post-graduation work permit.

C. You have been invited to apply under a Strategic Initiative.

D. You have a strong connection to Manitoba through having family who live in the province, and you meet the following five factors.

If You are between 21 and 49 years old.
People in this age range can manage the cultural, linguistic and economic challenges involved in moving to work in a new country, involving the possible need to retrain or pass rigorous certification or licensing processes for some jobs.

You completed secondary (high) school and have at least one year post-secondary education or training for which you earned a post-secondary diploma or degree.

Work Experience 
You have at least two years of full-time work experience in the past five years.

Language Ability
You completed your secondary and post-secondary education in English or French, or scored at least 5 on an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test. Having at least this level of English, and being willing to improve your language skills, will help you gain a good job, participate in training and licensing or certification programs that will help you meet the occupational demands and get ahead in the Manitoba workplace.

With your application you must submit a Settlement Plan that explains the steps you will take to establish your career and your home in Manitoba and have your plan endorsed by a close relative who has lived in Manitoba as a permanent resident for at least one year.



apply as a priority applicant is through the Provincial Nominee Program for Business


To qualify for the program interested applicants must have:

  • Minimum verifiable personal net worth of CDN$350,000
  • Demonstrated business or farm ownership experience or a minimum of 3 years experiences in a senior management role of a successful company

The applicant must also be prepared to:

  • Perform an Exploratory Visit to Manitoba to be able to provide documented assessment of business opportunities in Manitoba and general knowledge of the province.
    Make an Eligible Business Investment in Manitoba
  • Reside in Manitoba along with their dependent family members


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