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Nooshin Javanshir - Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan PNP Immigration

July 12, 2015 0 comment

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) can provide an alternate and quicker method of entry into Canada.  It permits Saskatchewan to nominate applicants, who qualify under criteria established by the province, to the federal government for landed immigrant status. The most important programs for immigration in this province are:


Skilled Workers

This category is prepared for skilled workers, professionals or managers who have a full-time, permanent job offer from a Saskatchewan employer.  It is divided into two sub-categories:

  • Skilled Workers
  • Existing Work Permit



There are four criteria in the SINP Entrepreneur Category that you must meet to be approved for nomination:

1.      A minimum net worth of $300,000 Canadian Dollars (CAD) that can be verified.

2.      Assemble of net worth through legal means, which can be verified.

3.      Minimum three years entrepreneurial or relevant business management experience.

4.      Intent to reside and actively invest in Saskatchewan, which is evaluated using the Intent Grading Grid

5.      Have a minimum active investment of $150,000 CAD in the Province of Saskatchewan.  If you own less than 1/3 of the business, then your total investment must be worth at least $1 million CAD;

6.      Be involved in the day-to-day management of your business; and 

7.      Make a $75,000 Good Faith Deposit.  If you meet certain conditions, you may apply for your Good Faith Deposit to be returned


Family Sponsorship

This category is for immigrant families living in Saskatchewan who want to sponsor their skilled and educated family members come to work and live in the province.

Applicants must have a relative who has been living in Saskatchewan for at least one year.  They must be willing to provide applicants with assistance during the immigration process and after they arrive in Saskatchewan .Spouses or common-law partners are not eligible to apply under this category.

To be considered for the SINP Family Sponsorship Category, you have to be:

1.      between 18 - 49 years old.

2.      Have a signed statement of support (SINP-500-22) from your supporting family household in Saskatchewan.

3.      Have completed post-secondary education, training of at least one year in length that has resulted in a diploma, a certificate, or a degree.

4.      Have at least one year of work experience in the past 10 years in your intended job. (your employment offer in Saskatchewan). 

5.      Have an offer of full-time, permanent employment in Saskatchewan either in an occupation or trade in the NOC Matrix level "A" or "B", or in a designated trade in Saskatchewan.  

6.      Have enough language proficiency in one or both of the official languages in Canada.


Farm Owner/ Operator

To be considered for the Farm Owner/Operator category you must meet all of the following four criteria:

1.      Available Equity ( you must provide financial documents showing a net worth of $500,000 Canadian Dollars (CAD)).

2.      Refundable Cash Payment - you must sign a Performance Agreement performing to purchase a farm operation in Saskatchewan and make a "good faith" payment of $75,000 CAD in trust.  The cash deposit will be returned to you when the terms of the Performance Agreement are met.  The payment will not be turning back to the Province if the terms are not met within two years of landing in Saskatchewan.

3.      Mandatory visit to Saskatchewan – you must have conduct a thorough exploratory visit to Saskatchewan of no less than five working days and must meet with an SINP representative.

4.      Farm operation skills and experience - you must provide documentation (e.g. education and training, work experience, financial documents of their previous operations) that demonstrates that you are a knowledgeable farm operator.  If necessary, we may further verify this information through an interview when you are in Saskatchewan.

Application Criteria:

1.      Have a minimum personal net worth of $300,000 CAD, which is verifiable to 80% certainty.

2.      Verifiable legal accumulation of funds to 80% certainty.

3.      At the time of your application you must be under age 40.

4.      You must have a minimum of three years farm ownership, farm management or practical farming experience.

5.      You must provide a documented proposal for a commercial Saskatchewan farming opportunity based on research, consultations or formal coursework relevant to Saskatchewan agricultural conditions.  Hobby Farms are not eligible.  The farming proposal must be a commercial venture undertaken with a reasonable expectation of profit.  In Saskatchewan, a qualified farming business must have a minimum of $10,000 CAD annual revenue.

6.      You or your spouse must have marketable employment skills, based on education and experience that allows you to supplement your farming income

Nomination Requirements:

1.      Before submitting your application you must have performed an exploratory visit to Saskatchewan that lasted at least five days.

2.      You must have practical farming experience with skills that are linked to Saskatchewan farming conditions.

3.      You must make a minimum equity investment of $150,000 CAD in a new or existing farming operation in Saskatchewan consist of either capital assets (land, machinery) or working capital.

4.      You must make a $75,000 CAD refundable deposit into the Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Trust Fund ($2,500 upon acceptance of application and $72,500 upon nomination).



The Student Category permits eligible post-secondary graduates to apply for immigrant status under the SINP. There are two streams of the Student Category: the Post-Graduation Work Permit Stream and the Master’s and PhD Graduate Stream.




Post-Graduation Work Permit Stream: 

You may qualify to apply under the SINP Student Category: Post-Graduation Work Permit Stream if:

1.      You have graduated with a certificate, diploma or degree from a recognized post-secondary educational institution in Canada.  The program must have been equivalent to at least one academic year (eight months) of full-time study.

2.      If you graduated from a recognized post-secondary institution in Saskatchewan you must have worked for at least six months (with minimum 960 hours) of paid employment in Saskatchewan. If you have graduated from a recognized post-secondary institution outside of Saskatchewan you must have worked for 12 consecutive months of paid full time employment (with a minimum of 1920 hours) in Saskatchewan after graduation.

3.      You have applied for and received a post-graduation work permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

4.      You have a current, permanent, full-time job offer from a Saskatchewan employer.  The job offer does not have to relate to your studies.

5.      If your job offer falls into a NOC C or D, you must have a minimum of Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) 4 or higher English Language ability across all 4 categories (listening, speaking, reading and writing.)


Master’s and PhD Graduate Stream

You may qualify to apply under the SINP Student Category: Master’s and PhD Graduate Stream if:

1.      You have completed all degree requirements for an existing Master’s and/or PhD program that required at least one academic year of full-time study from the University of Saskatchewan or the University of Regina.

2.      You are applying within two years of the date on which your degree was granted and from a country in which you have legal status.

3.      You intend to live in Saskatchewan and are able to demonstrate your ability to settle and work in Saskatchewan with at least one of the following:

ü  Have at least six months of employment history in your field of training in Saskatchewan;

ü  Are currently employed in your field of training or have received a job offer in your field of training in Saskatchewan for a term longer than six months;

ü  You have enough money to sustain for a short time without work ($10,000 for you and $2,000 for each accompanying family members.
If you do not have an offer of employment or if your job offer falls into a NOC “C” or “D”, you must have a minimum of Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) 4 or higher English Language ability across all 4 categories (listening, speaking, reading, and writing).

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